The Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers of London


Maria_ChanmugamMaria Chanmugam, Marketing Director, Clevercoms

Court Assistant

“I have been fascinated by the City and its heritage and was honoured to be invited to join the Glass Sellers Company.  I work in the Telecoms, Media and Technology sector which is heavily reliant on glass.  Through the Glass Sellers Company I have had the opportunity to learn about the numerous uses of glass in art, medicine, technology and many other fields.  I enjoy the fellowship and opportunities to meet and connect with men and women from varied professional backgrounds.  I love the tradition and grandeur of our events.

 Being a Trustee of our charity has allowed me the opportunity to be involved in projects as wide ranging as supporting the British Glass Biennale through to our Glass in Society Scheme.  I am privileged to have responsibility for our Abbot Scholars.  My involvement with the Glass Sellers Company, both socially and on the Court, is stimulating, fulfilling and great fun.”

Dave_DaltonDave Dalton, CEO British Glass


“As the Chief Executive of the UK’s Glass Trade Federation, I’d been aware of, but not involved in the Glass Sellers for a number of years, but hadn’t taken the time to understand what it did and how I might benefit from membership.  It wasn’t until friends and colleague who had been members for many years suggested that I looked more closely that I realised that there was much more to it than I’d assumed.

As someone representing an industry sector I need to develop relationships to assist my political leverage on behalf of my members.  Friends told me that the Glass Sellers had substantial connection within the City and across the political spectrum and so I joined to build up my contacts.

Since then I have found it a more rewarding experience than I’d imagined with much camaraderie, support and very much socially up-lifting.  I have found time to enjoy the dinner events and to enhance my friendship with more remote friends and colleagues I would otherwise rarely see. I would whole heartedly recommend the experience and shall hopefully continue to benefit from my affiliation to some extraordinarily warm and friendly people.”

Amber_BielbyAmber Bielby, Director of Development and Alumni Relations St John’s College Oxford


“I love being part of the ancient traditions of the City of London.  As a Liveryman of The Glass Sellers’ Company, it is a real privilege to be a member of an institution that not only has a rich history of more than 350 years, but is also completely relevant in the modern world. From visual artists using glass in their pieces to technological innovations using glass to transform how we live our lives, the Company supports tomorrow’s artists, inventors and entrepreneurs.  It is an honour to be connected to the past and encouraging the potential of the future.”

Simon WallaceSimon Wallace, PhD Student


Whilst studying I became fascinated with the City of London and its traditions, and during my academic life glass has always played a key role in one way or another.

When invited to my first livery dinner with the Glass Sellers I was nervous about the reception I would receive; however I needn’t had worried because everyone was warm and welcoming. This has been my experience with all the livery functions I have attended, a group of people from all walks of life who are equally interesting and interested in you. Livery companies are steeped in traditions and customs that could easily be lost to the ages and it is an honour to be able to take part in these. It is equally exciting to be a Glass Seller during a time when glass is becoming ever present in our daily lives and the potential for glass as an industry is at its highest since its first discovery.

Becoming a liveryman of this company is an experience I would recommend. As well as meeting people who might not be in your regular social circle, it is a one of a kind experience and an exciting time to be involved with one of the most versatile, environmentally friendly and ever present materials.”