Message from the Master

What is a Livery Company?

Our Company

The Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers of London received its Charter in 1664. Initially founded to regulate the Glass Selling and Pot-Making industries within the City of London.

Our industry

Glass is possibly the most malleable of substances; it can be fashioned into shapes and used for more purposes than just about any other material.

Our charity

Our purpose is to support the wider glass industry and the City, Education as well as the less privileged in and around the City of London.

Get involved

Our members include a diversity of people from many backgrounds those working with glass in some format or having an interest in glass as a collector.

Our role today

The role of the Livery Company today is to:

  • Maintain cordial relationships within the Company, the City and the wider Glass industry.
  • Stimulate interest in Glass in all its aspects.
  • Carry out charitable works, with special emphasis on education.
  • Maintain the Company’s traditions, values and customs.
  • Provide pastoral care for members.
  • Support the Lord Mayor & the City of London Corporation.


Our site contains a wealth of interesting information about our Livery Company, its history, traditions and about glass; one of the most versatile and useful materials ever discovered by mankind. A versatility that continues to this day. This website will almost certainly have passed along fibre optic cables on their way to your computer. If on a handheld device it is very likely that its screen is made of glass –indispensable uses for glass in the modern world.

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