Promoting the wonderful material glass

All long-established Livery Companies such as ours exist in very different circumstances from those of when they were formed. However, although our work has changed we still assist in the promotion of the wonderful material glass whenever we can. And are very proud of our continuing contacts with the glass industry. Evidence of this can be seen in the work of our Charity and elsewhere. In place of the original objective of supervising trade in glassware within the City of London, our relationship today is with the wider glass industries.

The Company promotes knowledge of the properties of glass in schools and helps with education projects in the City of London and elsewhere around the country. We also support smaller businesses and artists working in glass through exhibitions, competitions and with significant prizes.

Today Liverymen are bound together by attending the quarterly Court Dinners, other social events and Livery Company Church services which are held twice a year.

The Company also has a long standing interest in music and gives a prize each year at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

For more information about the Livery Companies of the City of London visit the Livery Committee Website.