Share our aims and values

We welcome applications from anyone who shares our aims and values, in particular those working in the wider glass industries.

Originally admission to the Livery Company bound together all those who shared an interest in promoting the sale of, and ensuring the quality of glass products within the City of London. Nowadays the reasons for becoming a Liveryman of the Glass Sellers Company are much wider. Working members of the glass industry as well as industries which are major users of glass are particularly welcome as the Company continues to foster its links with the wider glass sectors.

The wider glass industries are: manufacturers of glass, ceramics, bottles, lenses, composites, medical glass, microchips; the Telecoms, Media and Technology sector; sectors which are major users of glass and organisations that provide services to the wider glass industries. Glass is one of the enabling materials in electronics, communications, sensing, medicine, nuclear waste storage and many other fields.

However the majority of new members do not have such links though they may have an interest in an aspect of glass, for example they may collect modern or antique glass. They may wish to further an interest in the history of the City of London. An active role in the community of which the person is already a part is valued by the Company. Candidates for the Livery are asked to pledge allegiance to the Crown and the City Institutions of which the Livery Company is a member. However, this may be moderated for citizens of other countries.

Any interested person can find out more about becoming a Liveryman from the Clerk. After an interview, if both parties then wish to proceed the application must be approved by the Court before the prospective Freeman makes a Declaration before the Court, thereby accepting the Ordinances of the Company and becomes a Freeman of the Company. Before proceeding to the Livery of the Company a Freeman must become a Freeman of the City of London by Redemption. There is an alternative route via Apprenticeship which is seldom used.

Having become a Freeman of the City, the candidate returns to the Company with a Certificate of the Freedom of the City and with due ceremony is ‘robed’ and admitted as a full Liveryman of the Glass Sellers Company. At this point a “Fine” or entry fee applies and new members enter into a commitment to pay the annual dues or “Quarterage” to the Company. A specific commitment to also contribute to the Charity Fund, to the extent the Liveryman feels able, is also made and he or she is then free to take a full part in the affairs of the Company including Common Hall, the congregations at which Livery Company affairs are deliberated.