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Members Visiting Soho

The recent Members Supper Night took us to Soho. 30 members gathered at Soho Fire Station the oldest Fire Station in London and the busiest in Western Europe. We were greeted by some of the Watch and invited to look around the station, vehicles, and equipment. Boots, prepared sat by the side of the engines with overalls attached ready for action. A spectacle – the real thing.

The current building was opened on 24 August 1983. Firefighters at Soho Fire Station attend, on average, 3,909 incidents a year. The station responds to a variety of incidents including fires, lift releases, and flooding.

As we settled in listening to the crew an alert sounded and they had to leave to attend an incident – as the crew jumped into their gear and climbed up onto the engine the huge, levered doors opened – the engine started, blue lights flashed, and the siren sounded as they sped into Shaftesbury Avenue on their mission.

So, there we were abandoned and alone in the station. We had been advised that they could be back within 30 minutes, so we waited but alas they didn’t return, so we wandered up to Greek Street for our next visit to L’Escargot for Supper.

Passing through the vibrancy of the main streets of Soho full of evening revellers attending numerous hostelries spilling out onto the pavements – queues at the theatre waiting to get in for the evening performance and navigating roadworks and pavements dug up we arrived at the historical Oldest French restaurant in London – L’Escargot. A magnificent Georgian townhouse dating from 1741.

The staff greeted us, took coats and bags, and directed us to the first-floor Salon Vert, a magnificent antique room with a stunning 18th-century ceiling and large windows. The room has played host to world-renowned celebrities from the theatrical world and silver screen alike.

We were offered glasses of white or red wine and perused the menu. Choices of Pear, Blue Cheese, and Walnut Salad or French Onion Soup. Their signature Confit of Duck or New Season Asparagus Risotto. The room buzzed with chatter and camaraderie late into the evening when we looked at our watches and realised the evening had passed and it was time to wend our way home.

All concurred that a great evening had been had and looked forward to the next gathering at the Chamberlain’s Court in May.


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