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A look at the Livery movement

Privileges granted to a Freeman meant someone who was not the property of a Feudal Lord but enjoyed privileges such as the right to earn money and own land.

This status allows you to go forward and apply for the Freedom of the City of London before becoming a full Liveryman of the Company.

Now what might all of this be about you may wonder. It all goes back to King John when the Sovereign recognised the importance of the Tradesman and Guilds in the City of London. It is contained in the famous Magna Carter of 1215 when the City of London was given the right by Royal Charter to govern itself, elect its own mayor, and hold its own parliament, a privilege muchly protected to this very day.

The Court of Alderman and Guilds (known as Liveries – a Liveryman has the right to wear the Livery – the uniform of a Company) make the government of the City – judicially and maintenance. As a Liveryman and Freeman of the City of London, you will be entitled to vote for the Sheriffs and the Lord Mayor which takes place annually, and to attend City of London events. You will be upholding and become a custodian of a history going back to when the Romans established the settlement of Londinium.

Londinium was the commercial centre of Roman Britain and has kept that status over the centuries continuously evolving and innovating as trade demanded.

The Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers of London received its Charter in 1664. Initially founded to regulate the Glass Selling and Pot-Making industries within the City of London, the role of the Livery company today is to:

  • Maintain cordial relationships within the Company, the City and the wider Glass industry;
  • Stimulate interest in Glass in all its aspects;
  • Carry out charitable works, with special emphasis on education;
  • Maintain the Company’s traditions, values and customs;
  • Provide pastoral care for members;
  • Support the Lord Mayor & the City of London Corporation.

Glass is one of the most versatile and useful materials ever discovered by mankind. A versatility that continues to this day. This information provided will almost certainly have passed along fibre optic cables on their way to your computer. If on a handheld device, it is very likely that its screen is made of glass –indispensable uses for glass in the modern world.

If you’d like a little flavour further of what the City of London Livery is all about, I suggest you take a look at these YouTube Videos.

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