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The Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers Doodle Competition for primary students

Phew, if ever a title said it all then here it is. Ah, but to hang a bit of meat on the bones, for anyone not familiar with Allister Malcolm’s Doodles initiative, let’s add a bit more to the mix with his latest intriguing variant, which is being supported by lots of people, not least the Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers of London

Over the past few years, Allister’s Celebrity Doodles have raised millions of pounds, every penny of which has gone to the British Glass Foundation.

Essentially, an image is drawn, which Allister and his colleagues then interpret and translate into a beautiful glass sculpture that is a permanent testament to Doodler’s imagination and the glassmaker’s skill.

So, in a world where the list of endangered wildlife species grows daily, now is an opportune time to get Da Yoof involved in something ‘glassy’ (arguably, similarly endangered), which will also aid their understanding of the natural world. Et voila, the aforementioned competition. So, what is it?

The target participants are Key Stage 1 and 2 students

The theme is to celebrate your favourite endangered

The activity is to create a doodle of your favourite endangered animal

The Grand Prize will be a unique, one-off creation in hot glass by Allister and his team. This will be created live (so you can actually watch it being made) in Allister’s studio during the forthcoming International Festival of Glass. The winner and runner-up artworks will be displayed in the Stourbridge Glass Museum, with the winning piece then being presented as a gift to the winner’s school.

Stourbridge Glass Museum – how it came into being. The remarkable tale of the period from the formation of BGF in 2010 to SGM official opening in 2013.

The submission guidelines are:

Doodle: on A4 paper in either landscape or portrait format

Materials: must be ‘non-digital’ (for those of us above a certain age, we used to call these pencils, crayons, markers and paints)

Labelling to include the student’s name, age, school and class on the rear, with a short title and description attached separately.

Submissions to:

Corrina Field (Events & Education Coordinator)

Stourbridge Glass Museum, Stuart Works, High Street, Wordsley DY8 4FB.

01384 900447

That all-important deadline is strictly 19th July 2024; sorry, entries after this date cannot be accepted.


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