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Members Visiting Soho

The recent Members Supper Night took us to Soho. 30 members gathered at Soho Fire Station the oldest Fire Station in London and the busiest in Western Europe. We were greeted by some of the Watch and invited to look around the station, vehicles, and equipment. Boots, prepared sat by…...

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Members in the News – Hon. Freeman Allister Malcolm.

A glass-making studio has switched to using electric and renewable energy after seeing its annual gas bills increase by more than £70,000. Glass artist Allister Malcolm said the energy crisis had a “big impact” on ongoing expenses at his studio at Stourbridge Glass Museum. “Our overheads in the space of…...

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Members in the News – Dave Fordham

Liveryman, Court Assistant, Dave Fordham has joined the Glass Futures Team! With over three decades of experience in the glass industry and a deep passion for innovation and sustainability. Dave’s journey in the glass sector began in 1993 when he joined Glass International magazine. Over the years, he has made…...

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Members in the News – John Agnew, GGF Managing Director

Glass ans Glazing Federation Managing Director becomes a Freeman of The Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers GGF Managing Director John Agnew (second from right) with fellow Glass Sellers Dave Fordham (Liveryman and Assistant to the Court), Stuart Hakes (Freeman) and Matthew Demmon (Renter Warden). At a Court meeting on 19 March…...

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Annual Ravenscroft Lecture – 19th February 2024 – The Legacy of George Ravenscroft

The Company gathered at Glaziers Hall in February for the Annual Ravenscroft Lecture – “The Legacy of George Ravenscroft” This 2024 marks the 350th Anniversary since a group of Glass Sellers signed an agreement with Georges Ravenscroft. Our presenter – Colin Brain a Chartered Mechanical Engineer. His interest in glass…...

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BBC Start the Week – Made out of Glass

Our Honorary Member, Professor John M. Parker, recently took part in a BBC podcast about glass....

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How innovations like bendable glass will impact the future

From eyeglasses to phone screens and cameras to televisions, glass is everywhere in our lives....

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A look at the Livery movement

Privileges granted to a Freeman meant someone who was not the property of a Feudal Lord but enjoyed privileges such as the right to earn money and own land....

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Patron of the Contemporary Glass Society

Court Lay Assistant Mark Holford has just been made the first-ever Patron of the Contemporary Glass Society....

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A brief look back at 2023

Certainly, 2023 flew past as we recovered from Covid and started to recreate some sort of 'New Normal' though I'm sure we are all still trying to do just that - still............

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